200LX.NET - The LX parts shop
(everything strictly second hand unless stated otherwise)

200LX parts for self-repair

We offer all kinds of parts for self-repair of your precious 200LX.
There are of course several conditions attached ( the small print for DIY):

Our responsibilities:
- We send good quality parts, tested where applicable (the electronic/mechanic parts).
- We take care of good packing and shipping in a reasonable time, and inform you by email when the order has been shipped.

Your responsibilities:

- We take no responsibility if you break your LX doing repairs.
- We are willing to send in the cheapest way, by letter (bubble envelope) where possible. But if you choose this we can not take responsibility for arrival. Up to now we have lost not one letter, but the chance exists. To some countries we do not send uninsured. To some countries known for scams we do not send at all...

Available parts:

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