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We sell complete systems, DIY parts and upgrades to HP 200LX handhelds exclusively
(everything second-hand except when stated otherwise)


Upgrades come in several forms:

  1. A double speed upgrade crystal kit
  2. An upgraded motherboard

Double speed crystal kits : Crystal plus a boot card with drivers

A double speed upgrade crystal kit contains of a new specially made 32.000 Mhz high-quality crystal, plus a new PCMCIA ATA or CF card plus adapter memory card containing the double-speed drivers and example config.sys and autoexec.bat files. The card has most of it left for storage.
The original 15.8 MHz crystal has to be unsoldered, and a new 32 Mhz crystal is then soldered in.
Your 200LX will then be slightly over twice as fast as original. 
32 Mhz double speed upgrade crystal
Technically: cylindrical 3x9mm 32Mhz fundamental mode crystal

The kit has a special base price of € 45 / USD 55.00, which includes worldwide shipping in a bubble envelope.
Additional crystals can be added a USD 20.00 each.

Below is a picture of a motherboard upgraded to double speed showing the position of
the replaced crystal:
Double speed motherboard showing crystal

:  The mentioned 'Double Speed Driver' is necessary to adapt the screen, system clock and serial port to the double speed. In some cases the screen may be visible even without the drivers, but data communication may not work.

You will need a fine-pointed soldering iron and fair soldering skills. When in doubt, consider an upgraded motherboard, as we are not responsible for no longer working boards due to your upgrade efforts.


A motherboard allows you to upgrade your LX to more memory and/or double speed, or replace a defective one.
You keep your old motherboard as well. The only tool you need is a Torx-6 screwdriver.

1MB motherboard
200LX motherboard with 1MB onboard memory

200LX motherboard with memory upgrade
200LX motherboard with memory upgrade board

Upgrading with another motherboard entails:
  • removing four rubber feet and four torx 6 screws
  • carefully opening the case, detaching the battery clips from the motherboard
  • detaching the screen flatcable from the motherboard
  • taking out the motherboard, putting the new one in
  • reattaching the screen flatcable
  • reattaching the case bottom
  • putting back the screws and rubber feet
Details are on Daniel Hertrich's website.

The following motherboards are for sale, subject to availability, only the amount of memory is different.
All larger size boards are also available as single speed versions for longer battery life.

1MB                               USD  42            EU  35
2MB                               USD  60            EU  50
2MB double speed          USD  72            EU  60
4MB double speed          USD  90            EU  75
5MB double speed          USD 108           EU  90
6MB double speed          USD 120           EU  100
8MB double speed          USD 150           EU  125


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