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What is an HP 200LX?

(Text below freely adapted from HP's official specs, plus pointers to other sites)

A 200LX is an PIM build as an XT-like handheld PC with a 640x200 black-and-white screen, capable of running most MS-DOS software up to CGA resolution out of hand - literally, running several weeks on two standard AA batteries or rechargables!  (out of power/ run into the next shop or gas station and buy 2 AA's for another month of  work!)

It contains in ROM MS-DOS 5.0 plus a Lotus 1-2-3 plus an excellent Lotus designed set of PIM applications.
It is the only PDA with a separate numeric keypad ( as far as we know).
It has an Intel 80186 derived CPU running at 7.91 Mhz, and up to 4MB memory onboard as standard, plus optionally extra memory on a memory extension board.
And using an LX may be addictive!!
200LX image

And, as you can see on this website, or others, memory extensions (sometimes up to 64MB) and double speed upgrades are available. And you can still get support and maintenance here on 200lx.net, at Thaddeus or - instructions for self repair only- at Daniel Hertrich's hermocom website

Other definitions:

The 'competition' (Thaddeus) :

Ask HP by downloading the manual (PDF) HP 200LX Palmtop - (English) User's Guide

And if you want to know ALL about the 200LX:  Daniel Hertrich's website.

Specs in general:

Dimensions:16 x 8.64 x 2.54cm (6.3" x 3.4" x 1")  (e.g. really pocketsized!)
Weight:312g (11oz) with batteries

Built-in applications
And a near infinity of applications freely available at the SUPER site. Limitations are: Up to CGA graphics, and runs allmost all  MS-DOS real mode applications.
Memory (as last sold by HP)

Standard PC Architecture and Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Keyboard layout
Operating Requirements
What does a 200LX not have:

- backlight. Perfect in daylight or bright lighting though.
- MS-Windows support (unless you want to use Windows 3.0, then it also runs Word 2.0 and Excel 1.0 for Windows, slowly.)
- WIFI support
- Linux support - but there is a nice set of  MS-DOS executables from awk to xstr available. Ask us where.
- A printer port

Let's accept it, obsolete hardware except for a few tens of thousands diehards. Therefore this site exists. We are a stubborn lot. But we have parts enough for several years. And a limited amount of complete systems.

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