200LX.NET - The LX parts shop

There are a few companies in the world doing 200LX related sales and services.
Info on these companies is available here.

Thaddeus (USA)
The best known company for 200LX and other palmtop services and sales is Thaddeus in the United States.
Their shop is at www.palmtoppaper.com

They have been there almost since the beginning of the LX line and perform an important service to keeping the 200LX alive.

You might rather deal with them than with us:

- if you want a local supplier in the US
- if you do not want to repair your LX yourself - they have an excellent flat-fee repair service.
- if you want to pay by US check
- if you want a guaranteed turnaround time
       (200lx.net is a spare-time business, theirs is a larger, full time business)
- if you want extended guarantees
- if you want specific new parts such as battery covers

What is the advantage of 200lx.net over Thaddeus (in our biased opinion):

- we sell 200LX parts for self-repair
- we are generally cheaper
- you can pay by Paypal or direct bank transfer (and cash if you live near)

Rundel (Germany).
They have informed me that they are pulling out of the 200LX business, but anyway, here is their address since they still sell related articles and services:

Daniel Hertrich (Germany)
Daniel Hertrich published the most extensive information on 200LX repair and will also perform repairs and upgrades and sell systems (subject to availability).
Check out www.hermocom.com or, for extensive information, his site: http://www.daniel-hertrich.de/

Oh yes, 200lx.net is Netherlands based , so we do local upgrades and repairs.