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Leather Cases for the 200LX and other handhelds

We have several types of new cases available.
All are strictly made from leather.

  1. Vega Leather case
  2. Large leather handheld case

Vega case : Vega Holster 4R71

Psion and 200LX Leather Vega case

This is a tight fitting case for 200LX, Psion 5/mx and the like. It is made from excellent saddle leather.
Black only.
Price:    EU 30,00 USD 40,00 Order

Available: 4

Large leather PDA case
Large leather PDA case Large case with LX

This is a large case with sufficient room for a 200LX, velcroed to the bottom, plus several PCMCIA cards
and a cable.
Black only, 3 available.

Price:    EU 35,00 USD 47,00 Order

Used - mostly leather - cases, €15 - €20. Inquire
Below some examples of available used cases.
Note - the top one is not a leather case, it is a plastic 'pill box ' holder, probably available at your
local $ / € store for 2-3 bucks including 7 small 'day of the week' pill boxes. Shown as a courtesy to small budgets.
In the Netherlands you can get them a.o. from Wibra.

Used LX cases