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We have 8MB PCMCIA flash cards for sale:

8 MB PCMCIA flash card

Price is USD 11.00,  EU 8,00

We also have a limited amount of Compact Flash cards with PCMCIA adapter available.
The adapters are only sold together with flash card.
All cards  have been formatted and tested, and are guaranteed to work in the 200LX .

Cards tested to work in the 200LX

Prices are:

Adapter +16MB card        EU 20    USD 27
Adapter + 64MB card       EU 35    USD 47
Adapter + 128MB card     EU  45   USD 60
Adapter + 256MB card     EU  60   USD 80

CF cards tested in the 200LX
Additional CF cards are also available ranging from 8MB to 256MB.
Prices on request.

Large card for 200LX.

We also have a very limited amount of  larger size PCMCIA cards available,
ranging from 2MB to 448MB.  Note that some larger PCMCIA and CF cards require a driver to work. This driver is supplied on request.